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Redfish Rodeo 2019

The Redfish Rodeo represents a myriad of women from as far as Canada and New Jersey to Florida, but the majority are from Texas. Their lives represent a series of dress rehearsals, one-act-plays, long and short love stories, and epics. Although each one of these gals have their own life productions to perform with family and jobs, it amazes me how they arrange their schedules to come together year after year.

The tournament is a reunion of sorts. It's a place where sisters, old roommates, and colleagues can meet and catch up. It's a time to reflect, forget, and forgive all that life throws at us.

I believe we should never lose sight of the things, places and people that remind us of the happy times in our childhood. I believe that no matter how old we get, youth remains in our hearts. Most importantly I believe we all have the inner strength to achieve success, have true loving happiness, and a spiritual peace.

It's your stage, close your eyes and see yourself again and again until you smile inside. Then quietly listen to life's applause.

- Gina Nesloney

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